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NewEra was established in early 2016 as a sister company of WAV11. NewEra’s primary focus was to get ahead of the technology curve and create a voice product that wasn’t yet readily available in the central US. Voice services was an essential area that WAV11 knew was needed but had not yet tackled. After many hours of testing and creating various white label products, we finally found one that would meet our WAV11 standards. From that point on it has been a steady process of converting existing outdated client systems and pulling in new customers that needed a better solution to maximize their business needs. With NewEra under the wing of WAV11, we are now expanding our services beyond the central US to the entire continental US and thrilled that businesses can finally receive top level products, reliable service, and superior support while alleviating the hassle of dealing with common big corporate tactics.

Meet our team.

The humans behind every part of NewEra.

Collin Kasparek

Chief Operating Officer

A dog dad with a BSc Computer Science degree who began his professional IT career in 2012. His passions are his two dogs, traveling, spending time with friends, and ensuring NewEra’s customers get the quality service they need. Collin is self-described as “high drive” and has an insatiable desire to learn. Because of this, he has also acquired a wide variety of hobbies and skills over the years. This broad spectrum of knowledge helps him relate to customers in a wide range of industries, understand their unique needs, and design effective solutions for each. When he’s not at the office you will likely find him helping his friends with their hobby projects, or in the middle of a project of his own.

Bethany Welch

Sales + Marketing

Just a people person with a passion for building relationships, Bethany started her career in sales and marketing in 2018. She is a mama to three boys, a wife to her best friend and prides herself on providing the best service possible to NewEra customers. She enjoys live music, good coffee and spending times with the ones she loves. A firm believer in the idea that teamwork makes the dream work, she is so grateful and excited to be part of a team of like-minded individuals that are striving to better their community.

Kyle Spruce

President + CEO

Father of two and husband of the hardest working woman alive.  His constant drive to achieve more and be community involved is what has gotten him to where he is today.  He has surrounded himself with the best employees and as a team they plan to build the best company(s) southeast Oklahoma has ever seen. Without the support and crew that he has in his corner, Kyle says none of this would be possible today.  

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