You get what you pay for. With us, that’s a good thing.

Features are all good and well, but what impact do they actually carry for your business? Let us give you an in-depth look into everything you get when you start your service with us.

Hardware + Service

Phones are included at no additional cost and are replaced or upgraded as needed. Changes to extensions, menus, and all other common service calls are also included.

Mobile App

Utilize your office phone system wherever you go. Our mobile app for Android and iOS gives you the ability to work effectively from anywhere.

Auto Attendants

Route calls to specific departments automatically, or answer frequently asked questions at any hour with an auto attendant. 

Music on Hold

Choose from music, your own advertisements, special announcements, and more. Give callers something exciting or informative to listen to while they wait for assistance.

Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemails as email attachments you can listen to from any convenient device. This makes it easy to share voicemails with coworkers or save them for review.

Call Routing and Forwarding

Route and forward calls to exactly who needs them. This can be accomplished by a menu, time of day, and more. 

Call Recording

Record calls for employee training, documentation, and quality assurance. Recordings are stored securely and available only to authorized users.

Time-Based Routing

Choose different rules for incoming calls before and after business hours or provide callers with useful information, even when you’re closed with a pre-recorded message. Relax, and let your phone system forward calls to an answering service daily, so you don’t have to.


Not sure if VoIP is right for your small business? Try every function and feature out first, on just one phone.

$15 Business Protect Gold
$9.95 e911 monthly access
$4.95 DID
$4.95 CNAM

$34.95 /Seat

excluding additional fees

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2 – 5 PHONES

See how the features and functions of VoIP can help your small team communicate better.

$15 Business Protect Gold
Per Phone

$29.95 /Seat

excluding additional fees

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6 – 10 PHONES

Start seeing the full advantages of VoIP with a growing team.

$15 Business Protect Gold
Per Phone

$24.95 /Seat

excluding additional fees

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Learn how VoIP can work for larger teams at a cost-effective rate.

$15 Business Protect Gold
Per Phone

Custom Pricing

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