October 4, 2022

Top 15 Most Useful VoIP Phone Features

Get the most out of your office communications.

Choosing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) means your organization will have many different features available that can help make your office technology as flexible and as productive as your employees. Using the Internet to receive calls, not only do you get a scalable and flexible solution, but you will get a virtual phone solution that is full of useful features. Because VoIP systems come with many different features, it is important that you choose a virtual phone system with the features your employees stand to gain the most from. Whether your priorities are VoIP security, call management, or different VoIP communication options, only you know the features that will work best for your organization and employees. But with VoIP, you have the flexibility to customize what is right for your company and your employees.  

Top 15 Most Useful VoIP Phone Features

  1. VoIP Security. Today, you have to be thinking security. It is top of mind for any business. Using a reputable VoIP provider, like NewEra, you can rest easy knowing that with the VoIP system you select from us, you will actually be getting more security for your business. 
  2. Advanced Call Management. A great feature for the organization overall. By prioritizing, holding, or even block incoming calls, this feature supports your front desk operations. In many instances, it can even help with customer service. 
  3. Conference Bridge. As many employees find themselves working remotely but needing to talk with multiple coworkers, this feature allows them to bring others on to a call. When meeting in a conference room is not an option, a conference bridge allows your team to have the same conference over the phone. 
  4. Do Not Disturb (DND). In this day and age, this most likely speaks for itself.  DND for the times when you have to prioritize something else over taking a call. With DND, your ringer is turned off, and your calls go straight to voicemail.  And speaking of voicemail…
  5. Voicemail. Allow your caller to leave a message when you are not able to take their call.
  6. Call Forwarding. Because remote work is the new norm, and you may need to forward a call when you are not able to help someone or the caller reaches you unintentionally.
  7. Voicemail Forwarding. Just like with call forwarding, perhaps you need to forward a voicemail for a similar reason. Regardless of what you are forwarding or why, the virtual phone system gives you the flexibility to do so.  
  8.  Voicemail to Email. Automatically send a voicemail to email so that you receive it even if you are not by your phone. That’s also the beauty of VoIP. The ability to work across multiple devices. You can also respond across multiple devices! 
  9. Automated Attendant. Another great option for a larger organization. Using a voice menu system, the automated attendant transfers callers to the appropriate extension. 
  10. Call Routing. Great for a larger organization or for a smaller department as it allows organizations to direct how calls will be routed. You may decide to route by customer type, purpose, or even staff availability as an example.
  1. VoIP Caller ID. This feature allows an employee to see who exactly is calling. This can help you or your employees prioritize the call and if you should accept, decline, or send to voicemail.
  2. Call Transfer. Not every call an employee takes may be intended for them. Or, perhaps there is a better person suited to answer a question. Even if the person that needs to take the call is in another state, transferring a customer is easy with a virtual phone system. 
  3. Call Waiting. You’re busy. Really busy. And may need to ask someone to hold for a moment. VoIP allows you to enable call waiting until you can get back to the caller or get the right person on the phone.  
  4. Call Recording. For archiving, for sharing, whatever your reasoning for recording a call, there are some instances where documenting is important. VoIP call recording gives you the ability to record the call so that you or your employees are able to share important notes related to the conversation. A useful tool when time zones may require different office hours or travel may cause different work schedules. 
  5. Unlimited Voice Calls. Phone plans with call limits are not great for business.  Talk with a NewEra consultant about options that will work for your business. 

VoIP phones offers organizations many useful features that can help your employees and your company. Let the team at NewEra work with you on the VoIP features that will work best for your business needs. NewEra’s consultants are great at helping you find what features your office will need to ensure your organization is providing your employees with the office technologies they need to keep up with the ever-evolving work demands.