October 4, 2022


What kind of phone system does your organization use?

What is the Difference Between a Traditional On-Premise PBX System and a Hosted VoIP Phone System?

With “virtual”, “remote”, and “hybrid work” now part of our everyday vernacular, we can’t blame you for seeking out new ways for your employees to remain productive allowing your organization to run successfully. Now, more than ever, employers need office technologies that are as adaptable as their employees. This includes your office phone system. A virtual phone system offers your employees the opportunity to work from anywhere on any of their devices.  Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a virtual phone system makes it easy for employees to work from anywhere and gives businesses the phone system that can keep pace with employees and your evolving company. 

What is a Virtual Phone System?

A virtual phone system uses the Internet and the cloud versus a landline. How? With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In other words, the phone connection happens over the Internet instead of hard-wired phone line. Calls are converted from analog sound with VoIP condecs no matter what type of call you are making. Therefore, using a hosted VoIP phone system, someone can make a call on almost any device from any location.  Employees can take calls from the location of their choice. This allows them the versatility to work from a home office or a favorite local restaurant while also giving them the same functions as if they were in their office.  

But, things are going ok with what you currently have? Or, at least you think? So, what’s the difference between what you have and a virtual phone system?

What is the difference between a traditional phone system and virtual phone system?

If your organization is using a traditional phone system, it’s most likely Private Brand System (PBX), that uses analog signals. There are a few key differences between a hosted VoIP phone system and a traditional on-premise PBX.  To begin with, PBX uses physical phone lines and are supported by phone jacks. Virtual phone systems convert analog signals into digital and transmit them through the internet. 

A few other differences. 

  • Easy set up. Virtual phone systems are easy to set up and use. With a traditional phone, you have to wait for an installer, run wires, cut holes, wait for a technician to do who knows what. It can be hours before you’re set and ready with a PBX system.  With a virtual phone system, you can get started almost right way if you have Internet in place. Contact NewEra to chat with one of our specialists, and we’ll have you set up and ready before you know it.  
  • Cost. Virtual phone systems let you select what’s right for your business. See our ____ page for different pricing options or talk to one of our NewEra representatives for a custom package.
  • Mobility. Employees can work anywhere there is Internet. Unlike the PBX system that places the employee at their desk, next the phone jack, a virtual phone system allows greater flexibility.  
  • Scalability. A PBX system requires you to add new jacks and new lines anytime a new employee is added. More time. More wires. More lines. More. With a virtual phone system, there’s no wires or phone jacks to add. Because everything is over the Internet, it can grow as your company grows, no matter where it’s growing!
  • Ease of Use. PBX systems often require you to learn codes. Virtual phone systems are often as simple to figure out as learning your smartphone.
  • Text Messaging. PBX doesn’t support text messaging.  Many VoIP phones do.
  • Compatibility. PBX is kind of like working on an island. It doesn’t want to work with anything. VoIP is capable of working across many devices and with many different applications. 

If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that we have to be prepared to change. Just as we ask our employees to evolve, the technologies that we equip our employees with must evolve too. NewEra offers you the opportunity to provide employees with a phone system that goes where they need and want to be. A VoIP phone system is a cost effective, scalable solution with easy set up that means your company and its employees keep going and growing. With its mobility and ease of use, your employees never miss a call or miss out on where they need to be.

To find out just how easy it is to get started with a virtual phone system, contact NewEra for more information about the VoIP phone system and other great solutions. There are a lot of benefits to having a virtual phone system and the specialists at NewEra can’t wait to tell you more about the options available to your company.